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AllerblingTM Releases Its Latest Generation
Jan 1, 2011
AllerblingTM released its new generation of food allergy charms. The new one-piece charm design, with recessed lettering, is more durable and will hold up to the toughest of play. The charm colors are brighter and won't fade.
People are talking

People who have purchased our product are very excited about their purchase, and the peace of mind that comes with it. The quotes below represent what they have told us.

  • "Your products are a life saver. Recently ordered them for my daughter and so glad we did. They are awesome colors for a child, lets others know what it is, they wash well and overall great price. Thank you so much for having such a great idea."

  • "... My son doesn't have the vocabulary to explain his allergy, but he now shows the bracelet to his grandparents, caregivers and teachers whenever food is being served. We're so hopeful he will grow out of his allergy, but in the meantime, this bracelet is an excellent tool to help keep him safe."

  • "Thank you so much for coming out with such a cute product that gets a lot of attention which definitely helps raise awareness!"

  • "Keep up the great work! I love your product! Just got an Allergic Living Magazine today in the mail saw your ad and bought!!!"

  • "I just wanted to say "thank you" for your product. I had read about it on a Peanut Free blog that I follow and ordered one right away. I had been looking for something that was fun and functional for my daughter and your product was it. I received it in the mail today and am very happy with the quality and my daughter thinks it is "cool" which is great because it means she will wear it!"

  • "A unique new bracelet has come to the food allergy community that we think will be a huge hit with the pre-k through 2nd grade age group... I think any food allergy kid would love to have and wear one of these."   

  • "I think the Allerbling is genius. It’s kid friendly – bright colors, fun designs AND grownup approved – easy to read lettering and the Medic Cross stands out. It’s a great way to remind teachers, care-givers, scout leaders etc that, hey, my kid has an allergy. And, it might just save a life."   

  • "We are requiring this for all children with food allergies!"

  • "I bought one at the Eastside Family Fair and I am in LOVE with this product! My son is wearing his everyday and really thought it was cool. I was worried at first that he wouldn't wear it but there were no complaints at all. He even wanted to put the foods that he didn't like on the bracelet to fill it up but I told him that it is only for the foods he is allergic to. I am even sending my extra bracelet to a friend who has a bunch of allergies that she discovered later in her adult life. It's not just for kids!"

  • "My kids NEED these! They both have food allergies, my son has a bracelet that falls off so we haven't looked for one for my daughter yet! I think these are soooo much nicer than the one I have though!"

  • "My son calls his Allerbling, his rescue ranger bracelet."